One of my new year resolutions was to write more, in fact I wanted to write everyday. I think I did a great job prioritizing reading for pleasure this year ( and I am convinced it made me a happier person) but over that last year I did not do as much writing as I had hoped.

So when the opportunity came up to participate in Nation Novel Writing Month this November I thought why not?  The idea is that you write everyday in November so that you end the month with 50,000 word novel. My November was an intensely busy month for both expected and unexpected reason and yet every single day I found the time to work on my “novel”, I loved being able to sign in each day and watch the site do the math– how many more words until 50,000, how much faster should I be writing if i wanted to finish on time,  when would I finish 50,000 words if I wrote at my current place and what was my daily average ( for the record over the entire month it was 590 words a day) .

Did I finish the novel? Hell no! November was crazy busy but I wrote every single day, even when I was at my busiest, even if was tired or had to get up early. In November 2016  I wrote every-single day, and real writing not the stuff I do for work. The kind of writing I want to be doing.

I was sad when the month was over and I couldn’t add my daily word count to the website, I liked the ritual  and the sense of accomplishment.  And I was only halfway there ( 17, 728 words)

But I wanted to keep writing everyday  ( which I think is the point of the whole thing, making writing everyday a habit, a priority) so I just made my own little excel spread, added a little formula and ……voila! I can just keep on writing!!!