While I did my undergraduate degree in Australia I learnt most of my Aussie slang from my friend Eliza.  Particularly mystifying to me as a foreigner was the Australian fondness for using  diminutives, so university was uni, football was footy and arvo meant afternoon. (Quick aside no surprise then that the word “selfie” was coined here). Most amusingly Eliza referred to those intense, late-night heart to hearts that is so typical  for college student as “D & Ms,” short for “deep and meaningful” she explained.

Later during my Arizona days Sarah picked up the term from me– equally amused by the thought of reducing something that felt profound to an abbreviation.  Needless to say Sarah and I had many a D & M during my Arizona days. Now we talk far less frequently BUT I love that our conversations retain the same level of depth and intensity. Its seems that no matter how long its been since we last talk we have no problem slipping back into familiarity and earnestness that I have yet to get to with any friends in Bhutan.

But even more than that I love that our  D &M have always swung from the profound to the absurd, the deeply felt to the almost frivolous. In some ways I love that our friendship and our conversations have always accommodated both ends of the spectrum.


So what I love this week is the long over-due D &M Sarah and I had this morning. We talked about stomach churning office politics, current anxieties and fear and then “The Real Housewives of Melbourne.”




Yes, you read that right, ” The Real Housewives of Melbourne.”  And as we always do, we treated the show we level of analysis and seriousness that we bring to everything else we  D&M-ed about.

And I love that. I love that so much.