So lately life has felt rushed, stressed and lonely. Work has been relentless and often unrewarding. I have such mixed feelings about how I spend my days but feel like I rarely have the time or energy for genuine introspection.  I rarely even find the time to do things I like doing like reading fiction, blogging, or even painting my nails.

Worst of all I feel like I have been a bad auntie. I don’t get to see my two nephews in town very much and I almost forgot the birthdays of my “first born” nieces this summer. Technically these girls are not blood relatives, they are the daughters of my middle school and high school roommate. She had no siblings and we grew up like sisters ( with all the knowledge  and familiarity that comes from close quarters and constant everyday interactions) and when the girls came along it seem natural for me to  encourage them to call me auntie. Mostly I am a good auntie, owwing and ahhing over cute photos, visiting when I can (which admittedly since I moved continent is not been possible), skype conversations in which I patiently watched as the older one attempted sommersaults or the dance moves she had just learnt and of course remembering birthdays.

This year  I was especially late, the gifts eventually went but embarrassingly behind schedule …  and yes despite that I got the below in the mail last week  



 And I am reminded of why I love being an auntie—- even when I am occasionally a bad one.