I have so much grading to do right now that my heads hurts calculating if I can finish it all before the end of the semester.

Despite that I spent part of the weekend hanging out with my nephew who is at the walking but not quite talking stage. He is cute and adventurous and very, very entertaining. He spent part of the afternoon having long imaginary conversations on my cell phone, running around in just his diaper, trying to open every jar, every tube and every bottle and putting his hands together in prayer whenever he sees something holy ( prayer beads, the big Buddha on the hill, prayer flags out of the car window) .

It was probably the most fun I have had in weeks and I know, know, know, know, I need to do this more often because while I grade and stress and complain about work, he is laughing and exploring and growing.

And I love being able to watch that in person so every much.