The last couple of weeks at work have been particularly stressful and unhappy. (That feeling is not exactly unusual and the  details are terribly uninteresting.)

So that’s makes being publicly and enthusiastically appreciated by someone unexpected, someone you admire all the more encouraging.

This year, I was once again asked to moderate a session with a popular Indian writer, in this case Anuja Chauhan, at the annual Mountain Echoes Literature Festival in Thimphu. Anuja has written three funny, smart, interesting books ( that happen to be centered around  female protagonists.)  It was very much “love at first read” and I can’t even tell you how excited I was to get a chance to talk to her in person ( with or without an audience). This year I was ever more nervous then last year because when you like a writer’s books this much you really want them to like you too! The session turned out to be this amazing combination of very fun and very serious, irreverent but also earnest. Its just felt like such a treat.   And I loved that.


But ever more than that I loved that took to twitter to say how much  she enjoyed the session too and that she appreciated the work and thought I put into it.




Bonus that it turned out to be a nice picture of us too!