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I was feeling a little rejected and dejected today after yet another less then promising  encounter with someone I really really wanted to get to know better (apparently that feeling is not so mutual) .


As thought she read my mind a friend posted something on facebook  that reminded me that its okay if not everyone likes you, that this isn’t an indication that there is something wrong with you. Better yet another friend heartily endorsed that sentiment.

Here is the post and some of our comments:




So besides some fun facebook banter ( which I also love), I love the reminder that someone not liking you is not an excuse for self-pity or self-doubt.


Now pour me a drink!


So its still spring and I am still enjoying everything being in bloom so its tempting to claim our front door steps looking like this  is what I ❤ right now





But the truth is actually been a pretty awful week. For lots of reasons I have felt like I am in a real career rut lately. I have always been embarrassed that I was unable to land that tenure track job at a great university, I tell people it was all about luck and timing but in my head I can’t help wondering if it was really just me. If maybe I just wasn’t good enough. Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough. Most days I enjoy my current job because I like teaching and I like my students but no one at works thinks I am particularly good at my job or particularly valuable. Of course I feel this way in part  because I was spoiled rotten at my last job with lots of  praise ( often from really unexpected people) and folks going to bat for me when I needed it most. I doubt anyone at my current work place would storm into a  big city  art museum and demand to know why they didn’t hire  me( True story!)

And then I heard this great pop song by Kylie Minogue that just captured both my current frustration and how I wished I was dealing with them.   I have been playing this song on repeat, chanting along with the lyrics.


The song is about just owning where you are in life, mistakes and all  and not waiting to be saved by something or someone else. The chorus in particular is not only real catchy in a wonderful pump your fist in the air way, but  also says exactly what I wish I was saying to the world.  So I am just going to keep singing it out loud until I believe it too!

“When I get my back up against the wall
Don’t need no-one to rescue me
Cause I ain’t waiting up for no miracle
Yeah tonight I’m running free
Into the Blue
Into the Blue
With nothing to lose
Into the Blue”