I had been feeling a little sorry for myself lately ( the usually cocktail of loneliness,  disconnection and nostalgia)  but then a lovely email with the subject ” Thank you”  appeared in my inbox this morning to disrupt my self pity.  The sender was an old friend, someone I had enjoyed working but who I was only sporadically in touch since she moved away.  She wrote:

“Hello lovely lady,

You have been on my mind lately and I’m long overdue sending you an email.

 In my forever quest to live gratitude, I am trying to continually remind those people that took the time to nurture me as a human and friend how much they mean to me – and of course you are one of those amazing people! And no matter how much time and distance separates that, I want you to know what an important part of my story you are and how grateful I am to carry your light with me”


I love that this email made me feel missed BUT also that in her typically generous way the sender reminded me that I need to maybe “live gratitude” a little more myself.

These are the kind of reminders that I not just ❤ but that I also  regularly need ( particularly during bouts of extreme self-pity)!