I used to say I was happiest when I am busy but that is not strictly true. I think instead when I can throw myself into something and become really involved and engaged with a group of like minded(ish) people  then I am happiest.

And I haven’t had that in while.

Last semester was plenty busy but also  plenty miserable. While I really do enjoy teaching , outside the classroom I felt very lonely.  My colleagues are nice enough and my employers are usually fair but that sense of being part of a team, of being in this together, of being excited together, is totally lacking.  For the first year I made many a futile attempt to build a sense of community and common purpose(s) but I was mostly left feeling foolish and let down. Maybe work is sadly not going to provide that sense of involvement and community that I crave.

Making peace with that realization was greatly helped by recently being asked to join the board of a local NGO that provides services and advocacy for nuns in Bhutan. I just spent part of last week on a beginning of the year retreat with them planning for 2014 and felt that familiar rush of emotion and connection. I am so excited because I ❤ ❤ ❤ that feeling…..

The photo was taken on a field trip that we took to a nearby nunnery during the retreat.

punakha plus 028