Last Saturday we woke up to the first snow of the year. Here is Rocklee considering the snow fall from our back door…

The snow fall was not very heavy but it was the first snow of 2014.  Here is our patio with a dusting of snow.

We decided this was the perfect excuse to stay indoors,light a fire and watch movies. Here is my sister, Rocklee and Kitty taking a nap in the warmest room of the house.

Rocklee did spend some time outdoors getting wet and so he came back in smelling not so great. Here he is climbing on the couch for some family time while everyone else is covering their nose!


After several years of mild Arizona winters I most definitely do not love winter cold but the excuse the snow gave us to slow down and relax and just hang out, I do ❤  that, I ❤ that a lot.