My little sister is a filmmaker. Her most recent project is a beautiful and sad short film called ” The Heart in the Mandala.” ( You can check out the Kickstarter project page for it here)

While she was editing her final version of the film she was listening a lot to one of her favorite bands,  Grandhallway particularly their song ” Little Sister.” Her film is centered around a sibling relationship so the song felt particularly right. She would be sitting in her office, editing and singing along. At some point she decided to write to Grandhallway and ask them if she could not only use the song but re-record it Dzongkha. She wrote to them via facebook. I thought she was nuts! She shrugged– it never hurts to ask.

And guess what? They said yes!

So she re-recording with a local singer, the amazing Dechen Zam ( who rewrote the song in Dzongkha)  at M-studio  and the result is beautiful and haunting.

I ❤ that she asked to use the song, I ❤ that Grandhallway said yes but I think I would ❤ this song even without the great back story!