My amazing siblings ( along with my sister’s boyfriend) recently pulled together an amazing 5 day short film festival.  They had 32 films, both local and international, live music every night, workshops during the day and good audiences for almost all the events. It was intense and exhausting and hugely successful.

But rarely still for a large scale event  in Bhutan– it was informal and inclusive and fun. I can’t even begin to explain how much there is a tendency towards the super formal in Bhutan. And while for some events it make perfect sense, for an event like this that was about art and pleasure and community the informality was just the right tone.

The picture below of the Minister of Communication being served tea on opening night sort of highlights how laidback and casual the event was. The serving girls are wearing t-shirt over their kira. There is a group of kids playing in the background (later they took over the empty bench near the minister). Seated in front of the minister are my causally dressed sister and the projectionist.


beskop plus 086


Informality– what’s not to ❤


PS also video put together by my siblings to advertise the event: