mishmash 309

So a couple weeks I posted about how excited I was about my mom getting a puppy. When the “puppy” did finally arrive we quickly realized she was most definitely not a puppy. In fact when she was given her first bath it became clear that she in fact might have had puppies of her own!

But we have grown to love her just the same. She is sweet and affectionate and very well behaved. These last two weeks ( as mentioned in an earlier post)  I was house sitting for my parents which also meant looking after the “puppy.” And can I tell you how adorable she is? First thing  in the morning she dances around, jumping up on you,  to greet you then she spends the rest of the day following you around, room to room, indoor and outdoors and then when she finds you she lays down nearby just keeping you company.


Not quite a puppy but we still ❤ her!