My sister and I have discovered ” Scandal”. We are watching it on the Indian cable channel Zee Cafe so we are a season behind ( No Spoilers please!) but because of the way they screen imported content we get a new episode EVERY week night. And considering the pace of the show (Fast! Fast! Fast!) this is seriously the best way to watch the crazy twist and turns the show takes.


Usually we watch together, its our 9:30 pm ritual but not this week.

This week my parents are out of town so I watch upstairs in their house which she watches just 10 meters away downstairs in our house.

But we are using the big girl tin can telephone ( ie texting)  to keep talking.

Tonight’s exchange is typical.

Me: You watching?

Her: Yup its crazeeee

Me: Poor Huck 😦

Her: I know. U like him?

Me: I think he is the least evil person on the show

Me: Did she just dump edison?

Her:  Yea. she realized she,s in love with harrison. What to do?

Me: Har har

Me: she still love fitz

Not exactly sizzling or smart but there is just the magical amount of sarcasm, teasing and silliness that only siblinsg can get away. And I just feel so lucky to be able to enjoy this frothy fun show with her.


This I really really <3.