shoes  On Friday the shoes I wear to work almost everyday finally started to fall apart and I had to admit that I needed a new pair. Now when I lived in Arizona, I had an assortment of people who were fun to shop with for shoes and clothes. Bhutan has been a different story.  And even thought I adore shoes and shopping for shoes I have really put it off  and put it off and put it off because in my head it feels like shoe shopping should be social activity. But these were my last decent pair of work shoes that were not high heels ( I walk part of the way to work so heels are out).  I reluctantly realized I had to get a new pair.

At the end of the work day  I remembered that actually my oldest shopping buddy lived in town, actually lived in the same house as me. Obviously I am talking about my younger sister. And despite being very busy, she quickly agreed to meet me in town and we had a fun, relaxed afternoon wandering from shop to shop trying on shoes, advising each other and of course spending too much money.

I think sometime I spend so much time moaning about my lack of friends that I forget how lucky I am to live so close to my family who are almost always the best company in town.

And of course I really really ❤ my cute new shoes!