So unfortunately when someone hurts or disappoints me I find it hard to tell them. Instead I tend to just withdraw. Of course it takes something big and painful to get me to that point but I have lived long enough for me to have gotten there with more than one person.

So you let me down really really badly?  I don’t yell.  I don’t even tell you how mad or sad I am. I just cut you off. Just like that.

But eventually I let it go and I totally forgive you. No hard feelings at all.  I can’t predict how I get to that point or when, but it happens. Eventually it happens. I think because I don’t force it, I just let myself stew and move away, when I do finally forgive its genuine, its the real deal, I really really do forgive you.   And its such a wonderful, freeing feeling.

This week I got to that point with someone who had let me down at one of the lowest points I have ever been at. I feel like I can not only allow them back into my life but that I even enjoy their company again. And that I really really ❤