Two things that I LOVED happened last Saturday:

1) I tried my very first Gimlet ( Gin +lots of lime= whole heck of delicious) and  it was promptly followed by two more .

2)  I had a good time with a group of people I wasn’t related to.  And it was the first time that had happened this  year. Really. These were girls, a group of sisters, that  I knew in high school. We had been in and out of touch but I always thought they were a  particularly fun family.  It was a relaxed evening in a cute, upscale bar ( usually not my scene but this bar was  particularly cute and particularly empty). We caught up,  we recounted some shared memories, we laughed, we posed for photos (they showed me how to fluff my hair) and we drank.

The two lessons for me were:

1) its good to try new cocktails

but more importantly 2) its even good-er to try old friends.