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Once when I was really unhappy in college,  I wrote a long weepy note on the wall of  a bathroom stall because I didn’t feel like I could tell anyone that I was unhappy. I wrote it in pencil and as soon I as I re-read it I felt embarrassed and tried to erase it all off.  Then I forgot about it.  But  a couple of months later I was in the same bathroom stall and to my surprise the wall was now covered  with all these lovely encouraging and  sympathetic  responses to my half-erased message.

I don’t think I had ever felt so seen and listen to.

It was such a powerful, positive feeling .

This blog post  on Gender and Bathroom Graffiti from Sociological Images  reminded me of that. And of that feeling.


Birthday cheese cake decorated with inside family jokes….

cake! 002



PLUS the more expensive instant coffee…cake! 006



EQUALS the perfect, sunny ,day-after-your-birthday celebration…

So I just started teaching again and my first full week of classes is finally behind me.

Some of the week was hard, some of it was confusing, and some of it was good.

But  some of it was just great.

For example,  this I really, really,  really <3:

On the first day I set up a contest-y type in class activity, divided the class into groups and had chocolate for the winning group. BUT the winners broke up the chocolate bars they won and shared them with the whole class including me. They totally subverted the sense of competition but also completely convinced me that I am teaching in the right country again.

So I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this song.  And from what I understand the new experimental studio that put it out is pretty amazing too. They are basically attempting to develop a new kind of music that they are calling B- Pop ( as in Bhutanese Pop) and they are working with a lot of young, emerging  and clearly really talented  Bhutanese artist.

Also this song is just SOO damn catchy.

So if this song is an exemplar of what B-pop is or can be , count me in. This I ❤

I just started a  new job and while I am excited about it, beginnings are always exhausting. I am usually glad to come home at the end of the day. Specially this week when I got to come home to things that I really, really,  really <3.

Like my brother making art ( a logo for a band) on the floor of his bedroom


Or evidence of sweet-smelling spring in the form of the  flowering Daphne plants  in my parent’s garden. The scent is so invigorating that I am sad I can’t share it here with you.  You will just have to imagine it.