DSCN8114I always thought that Uggs were the Stupidest and Ugliest trend ever!

Really! So ugly! So stupid!

But then I moved home to Thimphu for my first proper (frost in the morning, water freezes in the pipes) winter in a long time. And my toes were ALWAYS cold. Even when I hog the space heater.  Even when I double my socks. Even when I wear those double socks to bed.

And then I couldn’t stop looking with longing at all the smart Thimphu girls in their Uggs. They looked so warm. And the Uggs stopped looking so ugly.

And then my wonderful siblings took pity on me and as a belated Christmas gift bought me a pair of Uggs ( or more likely a Chinese copy of them — but who cares my toes are warm!)

I love warm toes!

I love my kind and generous siblings!

And who knows I might even grow to love my  ( potentially fake) Uggs.