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I have been following artist Yumi Sakugawa on twitter (@yumisakugawa) and her work never fails to move me.  It’s always so heartfelt and sweet but also a tiny bit cryptic.

This week she posted a comic called “Phoenix”. So perfect to share with a friend from Arizona. So perfect to share with someone else who has felt a little rain and black cloud lately.



( Thimphu, Bhutan.  Jan 2013)


A guy I went to high school with just uploaded a bunch of old photos onto Facebook. This is usually cause for a whole bunch of embarrassed squealing and frantic un-tagging. But this time the batch of photos included one of me being crowned prom queen. . (I went to a weird but wonderful high school where they didn’t elect the prettiest or even the most popular girl.) Even so, I think I made just about the world’s worst royal teen. I wasn’t wearing a lick of make-up, I wore a kira. So I wasn’t showing an inch of skin (not even my ankles),  and I swear to God I am pretty sure I even forgot to brush my hair. In fact, I have always felt like I looked so hilariously awful that I don’t have any photos from the night. But looking at this more than a decade later,  I mostly notice how happy and relaxed and almost  pretty I looked. And I notice other details that make me smile.  For example, (the theme for prom was “Mexican Fiesta,”  the prom king was crowned with a big blue plastic sombrero.  And my favorite teacher crowned us.  It might have taken me far too long to get here, but right now this photo makes me happy.

You know what?  This I do <3.